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Who we support

We have committed to donating 20% of our profit (or 2% of sales) to charity every year. 

We support several charities on an ongoing basis alongside 'adopting' several animals to help pay for their care. We are always looking for more partners we can help make a real difference, so please get in touch with hello@ethique.co.nz if you would like us involved.


Monthly Supporters


huha-logo-no-stroke-6-1-.jpg 5d355fa5-7a6f-49db-aea7e1eff839bc42.jpg iar-logo-200x200.jpg the-orangutan-project-logo.png



Our Adopted Orangutan, Monti



Through the Orangutan Project.

 & Our Adopted Slow Loris, Maurice.

maurice.jpg                             uid-46061-20161207-041019-maurice-sponsorship.2-page-001.jpg

 Through International Animal Rescue.

We support both Monti & Maurice through monthly payments, to help pay for their care and to help their rescuers rescue more animals. You can help too, by visiting the links above.