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Which Bar?

Skin and hair Types categories are  typically oily, dry and normal.  Sensitive is another, but it is not a  type in itself, it is simply some  people have a greater reaction to  ingredients such as synthetic  fragrances, essential oils and others.

Oily (hair & skin) is caused by the  overproduction of sebum (the body’s natural oil). This can be genetic or in response to things such as over  washing, harsh surfactants or climate. Dry hair and skin is the  opposite and is often remedied by  addressing diet in tandem with  topical products. Normal is where the  balance is maintained between oil production and requirement. It’s pretty rare though!

We use these categories because most people are familiar with them and know where they fit. A great deal of people don’t fit into any category, so these are very basic guidelines to help. We offer the Sampler so you can try things to see what works.

For those that have no idea where they stand, we have made a handy chart below. If you don’t think you fit into any of these categories, but have characteristics of two, or something else entirely, feel free to flick us an email, hello@ethique.co.nz and we will help you.




N.B. Scalp problems? Often these are caused by harsh foaming ingredients (surfactants) which strip the oil from your scalp causing flaking, itching and dryness. This is often minimized and even fixed by switching to our bars with their gentle ingredients. We do offer the Heali Kiwi bar for those with serious scalp complaints however.