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Makaia Carr: Founder of Motivate Me & MFit 



I’m in love with the Ethique products and brand; there is something so comforting in using a NZ made, natural range on my body, a confidence in knowing that I'm putting good stuff on it, especially when I'm so focused on putting good stuff into it. My faves are the hair bars, which I've been using for a couple of years now. I love that I no longer have plastic bottles in the bottom of my shower and that the shampoo and conditioner bars actually work! I love the way they make my hair feel after using them. I highly recommend them! Thank you Brianne and team for creating such amazing products xx


Jamie McDell: Musician




A huge part of my life and what makes me who I am is the ocean and I have always strived to make choices that have the least negative effects on it as possible. I love Ethique products for eliminating the need for plastic packaging and allowing me to keep enjoying incredible nourishing beauty products knowing that I am doing right by my body and the environment.




With a degree in Geography, I have learnt some pretty hard hitting facts about our environment and the impact our everyday practices are having- which is where my story with using Ethique products begins. I started using the Ethique range as an effort to reduce my own wasteful habits and “give up the bottle” and ended up falling in love. Not only have I found products that are natural and sustainable (and save you money-bonus!), they deliver what they promise and actually WORK! For years I have struggled to find hair products that could successfully tame a mass of frizzy curls- or when straightened actually keep my hair straight- but within the space of a week Ethique’s Frizz Wrangler and The Guardian changed all of that. Ethique’s products are easy to use, smell divine and make giving up the bottle well worth it. I now recommend Ethique to everyone I know, not only as an environmentally friendly, natural choice but because the products WORK- and work well (plus with the compliments I get on my hair these days.. who wouldn’t!) - Brianna Miller


This is hands down the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. Even above all of the high end shampoo and conditioners I have used for the past 10 years. After visiting their CHCH factory store I got given the St Clements and the Guardian to use after saying I wanted a clarifying shampoo and a rich conditioner. Great combo! They have bought back my beachy waves that I lost in the frizz with other shampoos. - Janelle Bates





I'm a recent discoverer of the In Your Face cleanser, as I have skin that is becoming more mature, I doubted it would suit, however, I am now a convert. I use it alternately with a facial brush or alone and either way it gives a lovely lather, doesn't dry out my skin, and does deal with the occasional break out I still experience. Don't discount this product because you're not acne prone or in need of its other benefits, this is a lovely cleanser for general use too, and boy does it last, I'm on my original bar, using it 3 to 4 times a week, and it's only about 1/3 gone after 4 months. - Tess Lyons





Ethique is one of those brands that once you try it, you just want everybody to try! I found Ethique after seeking out sulphate free options for my hubby, who has had allergic reactions to regular shampoos for years. We gave the Ethique shampoo bars a try and no reactions! Yay, we haven’t looked back! Ethique is easy to use, have gorgeous fragrances, they have bars for all sorts of different needs and one bar lasts a surprisingly long time. We are so grateful to finally be using a product being produced by a NZ company in an environmentally responsible manner, the packaging is biodegradable and the product is so good! Wonderful work Ethique!! - Nic Howard





For someone who has extremely bleached hair, I've struggled to find a shampoo and conditioner that's hydrating and nourishing, but isn't full of silicones and synthetics. I am IN LOVE with Damage Control and Guardian! They make my hair feel so soft and healthy! I will never go back, best duo I've ever used -Thanks Ethique! – Fleebee Hurst






I am new to the Ethique range and before I placed my first order, I researched their ingredients and ethical policies around sustainability and product testing. I was very comfortable with the answers I found. These three areas of production are very important to me, as is using good quality products that actually work. I ordered a shampoo & conditioner set and a body butter block. As I am pregnant I am moisturising every day, however with the butter block in chocolate & vanilla I have found that I don't even need to moisturise that often. Every two or three days is enough. I apply after a shower in the morning and it keeps my belly moisturised all day without a sticky feeling. You can feel the extra conditioning on your skin, like a soft healthy feel, but there's absolutely no sticky residue or rub off on clothes - a major issue with other moisturisers. They just get absorbed by your clothes. I love that it's free from harmful ingredients especially parabens. Something that is very important to me when growing a baby. I can't wait to try more of their products. - Lotte Maxwell Mielec Bayly



A friend recommended Ethique and with my newfound passion for the environment I was super keen. My hair is fine, curly and plentiful. First attempt with the frizz wrangler and the guardian and I when I woke up the next day my curls looked so beautiful I grinned - no frizz, no fuss! The most surprising product has been the bombshell, the smell is incredible and it actually works, a refreshing change from the environment murdering, chemical filled, noxious smelling ones that currently saturate the market. It's amazing how good you feel about yourself when you grab that bar instead of a plastic bottle. One sample box has converted me. You couldn't get plastic into my shower now if you paid me. - Emily Coffey



I’m 35 and have suffered since my teens with grumpy skin. It’s been oily, combination, blemish-prone, and had hissy fits at all sorts of products. I now swear by Ethique’s ‘In Your Face’; a coconut, citrus and berry concoction designed just for faces like mine. I get the wee sample sizes, which are super convenient for my lifestyle as I travel so much - all i need to do is pop the lid on the reusable container I keep my wee pink heart-shaped sample in, and it travels with me - no mess, no waste, no dramas! Through different countries, climates, and a really busy, intense, lifestyle, In Your Face helps me keep my skin balanced and clear - and knowing its a natural, eco-friendly and affordable product from a quality kiwi company makes it even better. Thanks, Ethique, for helping me banish my skin issues! – Trudy Wigg