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To us, sustainability is everything. We don’t take it lightly when we say our goal is to become the world’s most sustainable cosmetics company. 


Climate Neutral:


Every year, we offset our carbon emissions through climatefriendly.com. Why? With climate change a massive threat to everything on Earth, we simply have to lower our global emissions. By offsetting ours, we are supporting sustainable forestry in Australia which acts as a carbon sink. How can you help? Ride your bike instead of driving your car when you can, lessen your meat intake & turn off appliances at the wall when not in use. Join the movement and encourage oil companies to #keepintheground. 


Vegan Ingredients:


Animal agriculture is regarded (surprisingly) as the driving force for climate change. Farming animals produces up to 24% of global carbon emissions, whereas transport accounts for 14%. Not only that, but deforestation to produce more space and more food for animals, is resulting in the loss of 1-2 acres of rainforest every minute. Quite frankly, this is unsustainable. 

For this reason, and for animal welfare issues of course, we don’t use any animal derived ingredients in any of our products. All products are vegan and always will be.


Reducing water use: 


Up to 90% of a typical conditioner can be water, doesn’t that seem ridiculous? We thought so, which is why we removed water and plastic bottles in favour of packaging functional ingredients in a bar form.

Water shortages are expected to seriously impact 2 billion people by 2025. 30% of the wells in India are abandoned due to contamination or depletion. Only 0.3% of the water on earth is accessible or usable to us, so why waste this in your personal care products, particularly when you are already showering in water. Help the movement for sustainability by buying solid beauty bars. 

Each bar you use is the equivalent to at least three bottles of the equivalent. This means on average, every bar saves just under 1L of water. 


Sustainable ingredients (ie palm):


We are very aware of the ingredients we use in our products and select them carefully. All our ingredients must fit three criteria before we consider using them; 

  • Healthy & safe to use
  • Cruelty free 
  • Sustainably produced.

The latter means we go to great lengths to ensure the ingredients we use don’t deplete the environment they are grown in, thereby ensuring sustainability. 

Palm oil is currently in the media as the biggest ingredient to avoid due to the havoc it is wreaking on the environment in Indonesia & Malaysia. This is certainly true, although the issue isn’t totally cut and dried. Palm is the most efficient oil on the planet, requiring ¼ of the land and water to produce the same amount of coconut oil. Palm demand is growing and as a result deforestation, fires and habitat loss is occurring at an unprecedented level.

The RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) aims to solve this problem, but as yet, the process isn’t perfect. Palm production is vital for the local communities so a boycott harms them unnecessarily, but until the certifications are airtight, we won’t use palm in any form. 

If we change this stance, we will be working directly with a small producer, as we do our cocoa butter & coconut oil, to ensure they are paid a fair price and that the environment is protected, thereby ensuring sustainability. 

 All our other ingredients must be renewable, non-petroleum sourced and naturally derived with minimal chemical processing.


Compostable packaging & in-shower containers:


All our packaging is plastic free and compostable with no chemical coatings. This means all our boxes and labels will degrade in both the landfill or compost bin. You can also recycle them, though we’d prefer you to compost. To try it- bury them in your garden and watch them disappear over a few months.

The stock they are made of is also sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Certification) certified forests, ensuring the forests are logged without significantly impacting the surrounding environment, again ensuring sustainability. 




We aim to run our office as a zero waste facility. This means everything we bring in must be recyclable or compostable and we produce no waste directly to landfill. We aim to hit this milestone by end of 2017.