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Our Values


Be Authentic & Transparent 

It's been important to us from day one that we are honest, authentic & transparent with all that we do at Ethique. We bring all our stakeholders on our journey to create an ethical, successful waste free company that will go on to do wonderful things. 

Seek to Amaze

In every way. We hope to leave everyone who deals with us happier than before the exchange. 

Dream big, innovate & embrace change

We're all about innovating in the personal care industry and we're not about to stop now! We're in a time of constant disruption with the exponential change going on around the world bringing with it both opportunities and challenges. 

Fair & Inclusive

We embrace and celebrate the diversity within all our stakeholders; our team, customers, advisors, shareholders, stockists & suppliers. 

Be the Quirk

We're a bit different. And we like that.

Value the Journey & the Destination

Building a business is about changing something for the better every day. We focus on making every aspect brilliant and not just the end result. Every email, every parcel, every interaction is just as important. 

Do More with Less

Not just as a business, but using fewer resources to produce great results is much better for the environment. Reduce and reuse are before recycle for a reason.

And do it all with a Sparkling Attitude