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Brianne - Founder & Formulator Extraordinaire

Brianne is our founder and managing director. She started Ethique in 2012 out of frustration with the disgraceful amount of packaging produced by the cosmetics industry. A qualified scientist, Brianne formulates all our products and runs the show.Brianne has started and sold two other small companies but is now devoted to ridding the world of plastic bottles (well the cosmetic ones anyway.)

Favourite bar: Lime & Ginger Bodywash or Lime & Ginger Body Polish.


Janette - Alchemist

Janette is Brianne’s Mum and came on board in February 2015. Janette is our alchemist and singlehandedly produces up to 3000 bars a week in our lab  She brings a wealth of administrative and bookkeeping experience and keeps the lab looking tip top. Janette has a background in manufacturing & quality control & practises reflexology in her downtime.

Favourite bar: Pumice, Teatree & Spearmint Bodywash or The Perfector.


Helen - Lab Lady

Helen is our dedicated production assistant. She ensures our bars are dressed in their best and shipped safely to their destinations.

Favourite bar: Saving Face & Bombshell. 


Ella - Formulator-In-Training

Is our Formulator Extraordinaire in training! She is learning the ropes from Brianne and Janette and will eventually move into a full time production and formulation role. She'll be keeping nice and busy over the next year! Her hobbies include aerial silks and reading.

Favourite bar: In Your Face.


Dee – Lab Lady

Dee wraps, packs and dresses our bars up so they’re looking super fine when they arrive at your door. Along with Helen, Dee gets our bars all snug and organised in their packages, then sends them safely on their way. Dee is the proud mother of twin boys and a daughter, and she works as an early childhood teacher. Working with us is a big change from Dee’s previous life as a chef. We’re grateful to have another kind, patient person like Dee on the team!

Favourite Bar: Lavender and Vanilla Deodorant


Ange – Dispatch Queen

Coming Soon!

Favourite Bar: 


Jacqui – Lab Lady

Coming Soon!

Favourite Bar: 




Bryan is Chairman of Ethique's Board of Directors as well as one of our original investors. As a company director, investor and consultant strategist, Bryan Pearson draws on more than 20 years experience in chief executive and governance roles in Australia and New Zealand. He has held a number of governance positions including Chairman of Macpac independent director of J. Ballantyne and Co. Ltd and is currently a trustee of several third party private entities and also Chairman at Lane Neave.

Favourite bar: Suave