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New to Ethique?

Maybe you've received a gift, or a sample, or saw someone else's product. Whilst there's lots of information across the site, if you're new to Ethique, this is the place to start! We've collated our most common questions, information about us and how to use on this page. Of course, if there's anything you need to know, please contact us, either via email or our social channels.




About Ethique


Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) is the French word for ‘ethical’ and we believe it is the first beauty company in the world to develop an entirely solid product range. All products are sold in compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste.

In 2017, Ethique’s dedication to sustainable beauty practices has prevented the manufacture and disposal of more than 175,000 plastic containers worldwide, and is driven by the hashtag #giveupthebottle.


How to use


If you're new to Ethique, it can seem strange to reach for a solid bar for your shampoo and conditioner, or to rub a small square shaped like chocolate over your face as a scrub! But once you realise how well the products work, we think you'll be hooked. We've put together a few videos to help you get started:

How to use your Ethique solid shampoo bar: https://youtu.be/2jbeZ-kEy1E

How to use your Ethique solid conditioner: https://youtu.be/ML_2-mE42FU

How to use your Ethique solid face moisturiser: https://youtu.be/tNmQEFYWyb8

How to use your Ethique solid face cleanser: https://youtu.be/srurkSPZ63I

How to use your Ethique Butter Block: https://youtu.be/LgiBB9Y13A0


Common Questions


By far the most common question is How do I store my bar?

bullet-lead-icon.jpg For deodorant, keep it dry (it will attract moisture), wrapped in the paper is a good idea
bullet-lead-icon.jpg For shampoo and conditioner bars, don't let them stand in pooled water, or get too wet. Shake excess water off and store either in one of our  shower containers, or somewhere it can drain e.g. a soap holder
bullet-lead-icon.jpg For face and body moisturisers, cleansers, keep clean and dry
bullet-lead-icon.jpg For face and body moisturisers, it's a good idea to pop in the fridge in hot weather


Common Problems


bullet-lead-icon.jpg My shampoo isn't working - i stroke it through my hair and nothing happens? You should only need a few swipes, and then work it into your scalp, it will lather up nicely. 
bullet-lead-icon.jpg I seem to be going through my shampoo very quickly - why? Don't hold the shampoo bar under water, or leave it wet or in pooled water, it will dissolve much faster
bullet-lead-icon.jpg My face or body moisturiser has melted. Help! Under very warm conditions the moisturisers will soften. Just put it in the fridge and it will firm up nicely
bullet-lead-icon.jpg I had a sample box but the samples have mixed up. How do i know which is which? Check out our sampler cheat sheet here


img3.jpgWhy do people choose Ethique?


There's lots of reasons, all unique to each individual. We're fairtrade, vegan, not tested on animals, Certified B-Corp, sustainable and on a mission to rid the world of disposable plastic bottles. Most of all though, we make great products that people love, that smell amazing, and that work! You can see unedited product reviews on each product page.