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Natural Cosmetics

At Ethique, we believe nature knows best, so it’s with this in mind we combine the best natural ingredients with our knowledge of science to create natural cosmetics that are effective, gentle & better for the environment. All our products are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Ethique solid beauty bars are:

bullet-lead-icon.jpg Palm free
bullet-lead-icon.jpg 100% vegan
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Free from petrochemicals 
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Paraben free
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Certified cruelty free
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Sustainably produced


At Ethique we use quality natural ingredients that benefit your body and skin. 

Here are just some of the power packed ingredients in our natural cosmetics:




Is great for moisturizing skin, especially if you have dry skin. It has antibacterial and immunostimulant properties and is also great at reducing inflammation.

Cocoa butter


Divine chocolatey smelling butter that is the fat extracted from the cacao bean. Considered to be one of the most spectacular moisturisers on the planet and lovely to work with.

Coconut butter


Coconut butter is naturally high in antioxidants, which help with skin suppleness and assist with rejuvenation. Fantastic moisturising properties and sourced from the Pacific Islands.

Coconut oil



Oil derived from the flesh of the coconut. Spectacular for hair and skin (not to mention full of healthy medium chain fatty acids.) Also sourced directly from the pacific islands to boost their economy and for a truly spectacular product.

Chamomile oil


Chamomile Oil is heralded for its anti-inflammatory action. It can be used to help calm inflamed skin and as such is fantastic for soothing skin products and is especially good for baby products.




Cinnamon has been used for centuries in traditional medicines in Asian cultures. It can be used to plump skin, clean scalps and is said to be great for acne and eczema skin conditions.




Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, to assist in the prevention of  wrinkles, and it will even help lift and tighten skin. 




Ginger is packed with antioxidants and is antiseptic in nature, which makes it extremely useful to assist with problems like signs of ageing, acne, skin burns, dandruff and brittle hair, to name a few.


Jasmine oil


Jasmine oil is an anti-inflammatory.  It helps to rejuvenate skin. Jasmin oil also assists with dry or dehydrated skin, eczema, and dermatitis.


Jojoba oil


Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties that help control bacterial growth in the hair follicle. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, soothing irritated skin. A great multi-purpose oil with amazing moisturizing properties.

Juniper extract


Juniper extract is antibacterial making it highly beneficial in cleansing and toning the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties can also help with skin inflammations such as eczema.




High in vitamins C & E.  Great for glowing skin and shiny hair. Kiwi Fruit is also good for psoriasis, eczema and excessive oil production.  The Kiwi fruits we use are grown in NZ.




Lavender is great for the skin. Some of its skin benefits include that of being antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps to reduce scarring and speeds healing. Not only that but of course it smells yummy.

Lime oil


Lime oil is chock-full of benefits, owing to its rich antioxidant and nutrient content. It is full of Vitamin C and as such is great for skin. Lime oil is also said to assist with acne and other skin problems.


Mandarin oil



Mandarin essential oil has many benefits for skin being antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. Great at eliminating toxins and deposits of salts in the body that deteriorate skin health and lessen its natural glow. Rich in Vitamin C and of course an uplifting happy smell.


Manuka oil



Manuka oil is renowned for its potent antimicrobial and anti-acne properties. This powerful oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic and anti-allergenic. We love it and it great for you.


Neem oil


Neem oil is great for your hair and skin. It contains an aspirin-like compound that helps with acne conditions by ridding the skin of acne-causing bacteria. It also helps reduce redness and inflammation. The high fatty-acid content in Neem Oil is said to help prevent and treat scars from acne and is non-comedogenic.





Peppermint oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A and C, minerals, potassium, manganese and copper. It is great for brightening dull skin and has multiple benefits for hair and scalp especially if you suffer from greasy hair.


Pomegranate oil


Pomegranate seed oil  comprises about 80% of an omega-5 fatty acid called punicic acid, which has been shown in studies to a powerful anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation caused by skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.




This oil is high in vitamin A and essential fatty acids, both key ingredients in skin care. Linoleic, alpha linolenic, and oleic acids all help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin, while replenishing moisture. It also contains vitamin E, which helps to repair and condition skin.


Rosehip oil


Rosehip oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 – which help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue. It is also a great natural source of vitamin C – a skin brightening, anti-ageing antioxidant that helps improve the appearance of pigmentation and restore skin's tone.

Rosemary oil


Rosemary oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne. It's a superior disinfectant for skin and hair. In fact, this essential oil is known to promote a healthy, moisturized scalp and is said to reverse premature graying.


Shea butter


The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin's natural oils.

Sweet orange oil


Orange essential oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which make it an ideal ingredient for skin and hair products. It's been shown to increase the ability to absorb vitamin C and help with collagen production and blood flow.

Vanilla absolute


Vanilla is a good source of essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, and especially B vitamins, that can help improve skin tone and encourage wound healing. Vanilla is a great antioxidant and is also anti-bacterial and as such is good for maintaining healthy bright skin.

Ylang ylang oil



Ylang Ylang oil has been proven to help regulate the production of sebum, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands, to protect your hair and skin from drying out. It has many uses, including helping to moisturize and clean skin, promote hair growth and condition hair. Also good for skin irritation & redness.




We believe the following ingredients do not constitute natural cosmetics and as such we will not use them:




Parabens are preservatives commonly found in chemical based cosmetics. There is strong evidence to suggest that parabens are endocrine disrupters meaning they could affect the delicate balance of hormones in our bodies. 


Synthetic fragrance


Synthetic fragrance can be a real issue for those with sensitivities, allergies and asthma. We prefer to scent our natural cosmetics with divine essential oils that have numerous other skin and health benefits in addition to smelling gorgeous.




Sodium lauryl sulfate is commonly used in many lathering products as it is a surfactant, in other words it makes things foam. It can cause irritation in many people as it is a very efficient cleanser.  At Ethique we use much milder surfactants derived from coconut and sugar. 




Triclosan is a bactericide used in cosmetics such as toothpaste, deodorant, and antibacterial soap. In animal studies it has been linked to heart disease and heart failure.


PEGs or petroleum products


PEGs are derived from crude oil and natural gas.  In addition to these being bad for our environment they aren’t beneficial for your skin either and as such we don’t use them. 




Silicones are often used in cosmetics to improve their feel and staying power, but silicones do not biodegrade, so we will not use them.


Ingredients that are produced in an unsustainable manner


At Ethique all our natural cosmetics are made with sustainable ingredients.


Palm oil


We do not use palm oil in our cosmetics.

Nature knows best and we harness nature’s most power packed ingredients alongside robust science to bring you products that really work and are better for you and better for the planet.