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Ethique Face Sampler - A Collection of Face Products




bullet-lead-icon.jpg Sample Ethique's range of best-selling face products

bullet-lead-icon.jpg A great way to discover your favourites

bullet-lead-icon.jpg Fantastic gift idea!

bullet-lead-icon.jpg Packaged in a delightful 5 pack box


If you want to dip your toe in and try out Ethique's range of face products, our Face Sampler is for you (please note that this package isn't customisable). It contains the following five samples;


Bliss Bar
Bliss Bar is a luxuriously creamy, gentle face cleanser created for normal to dry skin types. If you are a lover of coconut, this face cleanser is for you! Removes makeup like a dream. Made with creamed coconut, coconut milk powder and clay, it removes makeup and gently cleanses without stripping even the most sensitive skin. 100% soap free. Fragrance free.


The Perfector
The Perfector is our first solid face cream and it's dreamy. Described as the 'Lewis Rd Chocolate Milk' of moisturisers by our testers, The Perfector packs a hydrating punch for dry and mature skins. Made with kokum and cupuacu butters (both renowned for their essential fatty acid contents and barrier protection), coconut oil and a blend of ingredients which help blur out any skin imperfections. Can be used in the evening as a night cream, or in the morning before makeup. If the latter, leave about ten minutes between application of moisturiser and application of makeup.


Saving Face Serum
Saving Face is pure luxury. Made with Cupuacu, Shea & Illipe butters and Rosehip & Pomegranate oils. These ingredients have high concentrations of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols and fatty acids to promote firm, hydrated skin. You can use Saving Face in two ways; either as a nutrient and hydration booster under your normal face cream or as your only moisturiser.


Gingersnap is our creamy, delicious and slightly spicy facial exfoliator. Made with brown sugar, Jojoba oil, ginger, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, this bar gently buffs away old skin cells and leaves a light layer of moisture behind. Perfect for all skin types and a great cleanser on it's own - so you don't need to use two products.


In Your Face
Ever seen how amazing your skin is after swimming in the sea? We have based In Your Face on the sea, most importantly its salt content. IYF is made with Coconut oil, Mandarin & Sweet orange essential oils, Cocoa butter, fresh raspberries and lots of sea salt. IYF is designed as a face cleanser, but works for those with acne and other problem skin. It smells amazing and is perfect as an all over body wash for all skin types and body parts. IYF has a gentle lather and can help soothe irritated skin.


Each sample weighs between 10-14g giving you ample chance to try each product. The samples come in a chocolate box style package, which is 100% compostable.

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  1. I'm hooked!

    Posted by Sel on 18th Feb 2018

    Bought the hair sampler as a Xmas gift and the face sampler for myself and absolutely love it! Perfect way to try before committing to the standard size products. My skin has been so good since using these, even at mid 30's I get the odd spot but really since using these products.. nothing! And before then I was already using other cruelty free natural-based brands. Bliss Bar and The Perfector are the best matches for my dry skin, am getting used to using Gingersnap, it needs a bit of trial and error until you get the technique down. I'll definitely be buying the standard size when I run out and I'm super keen to try the hair sampler when my Lush shampoo runs out!

  2. Mostly Good

    Posted by Claire on 6th Jan 2018

    I do quite like all the wee bars except the ginger scrub one (which is quite hard & dry and it difficult to get it to reconstitute into a nice product that you can scrub your face with). What I reckon would be better, is to have say 5 little bars of products for people with oily skin/hair (eg face wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap) rather than have multiple varieties of face wash for different skin types.

  3. Great samples!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2018

    I really wanted to try out a some of the face bars but didn’t want to commit to buying full sized bars. It was great to be able to try out these smaller samples to know which products I like best to order full size.

  4. Great selection

    Posted by Coralie on 26th Dec 2017

    Great to be able to try various face care products before buying full size. I liked the face wash products. No so convinced with the moisturizers as they were harder to apply and feel a bit tacky. Ok on my face though.

  5. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2017

    Love all of these products and will be buying all of them in the full size

  6. Face Sampler Pack

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2017

    There were 4 samples I really enjoyed using, The Bliss Bar, In your face both these cleanser bars left my face feeling really clean and soft. The Perfector and Saving Face serum were easy to apply and not greasy.

  7. Great little testers

    Posted by Eleanor on 30th Oct 2017

    I am really impressed with this face sample pack. I believe my skin has responded beautifully to these products. My favourite is the Serum bar and the ginger snap scrub. The Bliss wash bar is great for me and doesn't dry the skin and it lathers up so well. The mouisturizing bar is quite greasy and thick so I use it as a night cream only and the serum for day wear. I will certainly be buying the full size version of some of these products.

  8. Brilliant way to test

    Posted by Hatty on 24th Oct 2017

    Love this kit, the samples are a perfect size to see if you like the products, with easily a 2-3 weeks (plus in some cases) supply, the moisturer is the best I have ever used and all the bars smell incredible. I would really recommend if you want to get a feel for the face products

  9. 95% happy!

    Posted by Deedubya on 22nd Oct 2017

    In your face- my face felt really clean, but my face felt quite dry afterwards- would be ideal for oily skin, just as it says on the description.
    Bliss bar- awesome. Does not dry my skin, and gets rid of most make up with the exception of a bit of eye make up. But in all fairness I've never found a face wash/make up remover in one that does remove all eye make up, so no complaints there.
    The two moisturisers- both awesome and I'll be buying them again!
    My only criticism is with the Gingersnap face scrub. It just wasn't! No matter how I used it, none of the bar wanted to get onto my face to allow me to massage in. But 4 out of 5 ain't bad!

  10. Fun sampler pack

    Posted by Callan on 13th Oct 2017

    This pack was perfect for me as not only did i want to sample the products i also needed smaller samples to go travelling with, while indulging myself at the same time.

    a couple of these worked exceptionally well for me the others were still fun to use but maybe not as effective. all have slight lovely scents. They all outlived the 3 week holiday.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 28 | Next