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Cruelty Free


Ethique is a proud supplier of cruelty free cosmetics, we have been certified cruelty free by three independent organisations; SAFE, CCF AU & PETA. This means not only do we not test on animals, but our ingredients are free from animal testing and we do not commission anyone else, anywhere in the world to test on animals for us. We will never, ever change our stance on producing cruelty free cosmetics.

This means you will not find us on the shelves of Chinese or Brazilian shops, as their current legislation requires animal testing. We eagerly await the day this archaic requirement is dropped. 

Cosmetic animal testing is completely unnecessary these days, with alternatives available for almost every test used. In today’s day and age there is no excuse, every company producing beauty products should produce cruelty free cosmetics. 

Draize testing is one of the most common tests carried out, where a test solution is applied to the eye or skin of a lab animal (rabbit) and it’s effects observed for up to 14 days. It’s barbaric and controversial, so many scientists and organisations are calling for it to be phased out. Many in-vitro alternatives exist and we believe these should be used instead.


So how do we test our products and ensure all our cosmetics are cruelty free?

On willing volunteers of course! When a product is being developed, Brianne and her team first test it comprehensively on themselves. All care is taken during formulation to create a product that is non-sensitizing, non-irritating and gentle but effective. Phase one testing also includes microbiological testing (ensuring a product doesn’t go off in typical consumer environments) & stability testing.

Once phase one is complete, we put a call out to our VIP group and sometimes our greater audience through social media for testers. Our human guinea pigs then use the product for several weeks and report back to us. Here it is evaluated for any irritant potential, and effectiveness. 

Please support cruelty free cosmetics. A great way of finding those that don’t test is using the SAFE app, or visiting PETA’s cruelty free cosmetics list.