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We are planning on creating a 'smart quiz' that helps you to pick our recommended products for your needs, but until then, here is a quick guide to help you choose your favourite clever little bar.

If you still aren’t quite sure (or you’re looking for a gift), then our Samplers Range is the perfect solution. Simply select: ‘Hair’, ‘Body’ or ‘Face’ and try out a selection of Mini bars, in a delightful little (travel sized) box.

Everyone’s needs are different and unique; what might work for your friend, might not be as effective for you – always do your due diligence (with all products). Read-up on the ingredients lists on our 100% biodegradable packaging or online, and prepare to join the thousands of Ethique-Warriors all around the world. #giveupthebottle

The Stuff That Covers Us and Keeps Us Warm 


Easy Peasy (Normal Hair)

Thirsty? (Dry/Damaged Hair)

Slippery (Oily Hair)

Picky (Sensitive 

A Bit Flat (Fine Hair)

Combination (Oily roots/Dry ends)

So Childish (Kids/Baby Hair)

The Largest Organ on Your Body 


Lucky (Normal Skin)
A Bit Flaky (Dry Skin)
Have You Been Exercising? Nope. (Oily skin)
I hate this and this and this. (Sensitive Skin)

Ethique-Warriors, do you have any combos or suggestions for people new to our products? Comment below and help out a lost soul on their pathway to radness. 

Author: Gen

Gen handles our social media, content creation and works on our website to keep you updated with our new products. She enjoys photography, film, gaming and cooking with her 10 year old daughter. Her hair is probably not still pink.

Favourite Bar: Saving Face