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This year, on Saturday the 22 nd of April World Earth Day is campaigning for science and climate literacy. It’s important to learn about our environment, the climate, and the science that surrounds them; especially for kids at school. With the right education, we can more easily tackle the problem of climate change and pollution.

Pollution from fossil fuels and plastic waste is choking our planet. It can be confusing, or even upsetting, trying to figure out what to do about it. When hearing about all the pollution humans create, it’s encouraging to do something about it in your personal life. There are plenty of solutions in your own home you can achieve, like going zero waste , composting, installing solar panels or planting your own fruit and veg.

If you are a person who does these things already, you’re probably fairly environmentally conscious. You would also know that there can be a lot of pressure to live sustainably. Though what if businesses acted sustainably, too?

When learning about the way the current global system works, it quickly becomes apparent the biggest polluters are businesses. Just as guilty are the governments that let them get away with it.

Some notable examples:

Fossil fuel companies influence governments through donations and lobbying, allowing environmental destruction (ever wonder how those mining companies always get away with it?).

Nestlé denies that water is a fundamental human right , while draining natural reserves for products like bottled water. They sell it back to the public at up to 2000 times the price .

Microfibres from synthetic fabrics poison our oceans and food supply .

Unethical business practices like these are partly why we hold ourselves to BCorp standards. If other businesses did too, the world would be a much better place. We’d like to see the current production and consumption patterns of society changed by the actions of businesses, as well as individuals.

If you clicked on any of the above links, you’re already on the way to achieving what World Earth Day is all about. But learning the basic facts about the environment is important too. Check out the World Earth Day website or New Zealand school curriculum for some great resources. 

Learn all you can about the world, and you’ll know what the right thing to do is. We’re sure of it.

Photo Comp Winners

Congratulations to our photo comp winners! First, second and third place have all won Ethique vouchers to spend at our online store. Without further ado:

1 st Place - $150 Ethique Voucher to @beckimoss_ with her love heart sampler eyes.

2 nd Place - $100 Ethique Voucher to @amyhighton with her floating Gingersnap and Wonderbar.

3 rd Place - $50 Ethique Voucher to @harry_mj_draper for her E-tea-cal turtle party!

Thanks everyone so much for entering! We loved seeing all your awesome photos.