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It took us a few months but I am delighted to say we have just recertified as a BCorp with another fab score of 117, which makes us the highest scoring in NZ!

If you’re not sure what BCorp means, it’s essentially a fair trade score for your entire business.

There is a long assessment process, which covers everything from your products impact on the environment, to how you treat your staff, how your shareholding operates, your governance structure, charitable donations, supply chain and much more. After the assessment is complete, you then have to prove it with documentation and certifications so it can take a while to cross the line.

To become a BCorp, companies have to score 80 out of 200 (typical business tend to average around the 40-50 mark). Last time we certified we hit 106, next time we want to do over 150 (competitive much?)

Companies that want to operate in a way that brings benefit to their communities and the environment (not just their bottom line) use the BCorp certification to not only prove their commitment to doing better business, but also as a measure to improve themselves against.

Companies have to recertify every two years and each year the standards get higher, so there is no time to become complacent!

What set us apart was our supply chain ethics in that we source fair trade, certified organic ingredients from cooperatives in places such as Samoa and the Dominican Republic, our commitment to a completely waste free product, our living wage status, commitment to giving 20% of profit to charity and using safe, healthy ingredients.

It’s so important to us to operate in the most ethical way possible, across the board. We can always do better and strive to do so which is more difficult in a fast growing small business, but is so important.