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We’ve moved into our new factory in Wigram with our brand spanking new lab, bought on new team members, partnered with Nourished Life in Australia and lots of new stockists here in NZ and we’ve expanded our reach into the USA (more on that soon…) *phew!*

Of course, we are always developing new products too. One of the most important boxes a new product needs to tick is multifunctionality. A good product is even better, if you can use it several ways.

But how many of you actually know how many different ways you can use our existing products?

You can of course use shampoo bars as soap, but I don’t recommend it as you go through them too quickly. You can use our soap as shampoo, but I don’t recommend that either, for reasons listed in my  previous blog.

I do highly recommend you give the below a whirl though.

The GuardianWonderbar

Doubles as: Leave in conditioner, in-shower moisturiser & shaving cream.

Aside from being amazing conditioners, both our Wonderbar and Guardian can be used in three other ways. For the sensitive skinned they make both an excellent shaving balm and in-shower moisturiser. Simply slide the wet bar down wet skin and shave as normal. If using as a moisturiser, rinse lightly, then pat dry.

You can also use them as a leave-in conditioner or light styling aid. Cut a small fingernail sized piece off the bar, chop into little pieces and mix with about two tablespoons of boiling water. Mix till smooth (you may need to microwave it for 10 seconds to melt entirely.) Wait till cool and thick, then apply to lengths and ends of hair, brush through and style as usual. As it’s concentrated, use sparingly.

As an even easier option, shampoo and condition as normal, then run the conditioner bar down the lengths and ends of your hair again. Don’t rinse and simply towel dry. This is ideal for particularly frizzy hair.


Doubles as: Dishwashing bar.

Flash is fab for getting rid of stains out of clothing, but it is also your best friend if you are camping or tramping. I absolutely do not advocate using lots of product to shower or clean with in the great outdoors as too much of even the most environmentally friendly product will cause problems. But if you are going to wash dishes, Flash is a great option. Fill a tub or saucepan with water, swish the bar about for a minute then wash what you need.

(Yes, we’re looking into those old fashioned ‘swishers’ people used to use sunlight soap with. When we find a reliable supplier, we will let you know!)

Saving Face Serum

Doubles as: Makeup remover, hair mask & nutrient booster.

I really hate marketing terms like ‘nutrient booster’, but for lack of a better term, Saving Face is really good under your daily moisturiser at night, to give it a bit more oomph. Of course it can be used as is as your standalone moisturiser (even better on slightly damp skin), but those of you with really needy skin can use this handy trick.

I am very lazy when it comes to looking after my skin (ironically), so a full night time face routine is not my thing. If I remove my mascara before bed I use Saving Face. Much like when using it as a serum, I hold a bar between my hands for a few seconds until a little has melted into my palms, then I massage into my eye area. It’s easily removed (with the mascara) with a gentle swipe of a muslin or warm face cloth and takes about ten seconds. Bonus is I get a little moisturisation from it too (something else I don’t do at night.)

Finally, Saving Face makes a great (although very intense) hair mask. If you have super dry or damaged ends you can dab a tiny amount on them, then brush through for a little shine and hydration. You can definitely overdo it with too much though, so be sparing.

Oaty Delicious

Doubles as: Shampoo, bodywash & bubble bath for little ones.

I’m always amazed at the number of products made for young children (not to mention what goes in them), so I wanted to make it a little simpler. Oaty Delicious is not only a great shampoo as well as an all over bodywash,but it also doubles as a bubble bath. It doesn’t make mountains of bubbles, but if you swish it around in the tub for a minute it makes silky bath water & a little foam with a light lavender scent.

Butter Block

Doubles as: Massage bar

Our butter blocks are designed to replace body lotion but they also do double duty as massage oil. We recommend using them on damp skin when using as a moisturiser, but if you are working the knots out of someone’s shoulders or bravely touching their feet, rub the bar between your hands until you have a generous amount melted on them. Massage as you would normally, applying more if you need to. No annoying plastic bottles with sticky lids to contend with, not to mention each butter block is the equivalent of three bottles of liquid lotion so it’s one of the more environmentally friendly ways to offer a body rub.

Do you do any of these already? Or do you use something I’ve not thought of? - let us know!