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One of the most frequent questions we’re asked on a daily basis is about beauty bar storage. We save the world from plastic bottles and replace it with a 100% biodegradable package. If you’re one of our Ethique Warriors then you’ll already know what that means if you leave your bar in water: a bit of a soggy mess.

Ideally you would remove your bars from the shower area in-between uses so that they can dry out and last as long as possible. Kudos to you if you have a wee home you take your favourite planet-savers to each morning! I personally, am barely awake enough during my morning shower to remember my name, let alone be organised/motivated enough to do that. Never fear, there are other options!

If you have visited our website before then you’ll know that we have provided the option of our bamboo containers which shelter your bars from unnecessary water. You’ll probably have also noticed that they’ve been out of stock for quite some time – without going too in-depth, we’ve had some supplier issues and have had to research new options. You will still be able to purchase them in the near future but during this journey we’ve found a really exciting new option for you. And as a massive bonus, it also uses the by-product created from one of our main ingredients! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for news on both options – don’t worry, we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.

In the meantime, here are some other ideas for storing your clever little bars and protecting them from running out too quickly. Some of these examples are ones we use ourselves at Ethique HQ and others are directly from your fellow Ethique Warriors – keep sharing them, you never know who will get inspired to create even more snazzy options.

The Bamboo Shower Caddy – (make sure you clean the bamboo regularly as they can start to grow mildew if kept damp).

Pictured Example: StandCrafted make these customisable bamboo caddy options (try and ignore all those bottles!). 

The Old-School Soap Dish – check out your nearest Op-Shop/Charity Store for some great bargains that are perfect for reuse. Or purchase one made from reclaimed wood or bamboo.

Pictured Example: Little Bit Daily will make these beautiful reclaimed wooden dishes to order. Simply message her on her Facebook Page and request an order.

Credit: @littlebitdaily

The Loofah/Luffa Sponge Bed – these have popped up on our Instagram pretty frequently and seem to be a good option if you have the shelf space.

Pictured Example: Image from @emma_green_life_

Did you know you can grow your own Loofah plant and harvest the matter to create a fantastic sponge?! Or you can buy them online if you must have it now :) 

The Travel Bag – make sure you dry your bars in-between use otherwise you might end up with some sogginess.

Pictured Example: Image from @thekittensmum

You can sew some yourself (if you're the crafty kind) or purchase them online

The Suction/Hanging Soap Dish – these will work well if you limit the weight depending on the power/size of the suckers.

Pictured Example: Image from @madeleinenzecochick

These can be found new at most department stores or even better, preowned on Ebay or TradeMe

Author: Gen

Gen handles our social media, content creation and works on our website to keep you updated with our new products. She enjoys photography, film, gaming and cooking with her 10 year old daughter. Her hair is probably not still pink.

Favourite Bar:  Saving Face