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The first day of Spring (or Autumn) has come upon us already and that means the dreaded end-of-season clean out. Fair warning though, I’m not about to tell you we have magical tricks to make it less boring (apart from blasting some awful Pop music through your house). So here are some realistic ideas on how to make sure you can create a cleaner home, without the negative impact on the planet.

  • 1. Op Shop/Charity Barn those clothes (and think about purchasing more of your clothes from these little gems (or on Ebay/TradeMe). I know it’s a pain to shove it into a reusable canvas bag, drag it down to your local store and watch as they silently judge you for all your fashion choices, but supporting these stores in donating and buying really does make a big difference to your finances and the planet.

  • 2. Make your own cleaning spray. My family complained when I decided to concoct my own bathroom spray the other day (apparently, they’re opposed to the smell of vinegar). If you do it on a nice day, so you can air the house out, a simple recipe of a bottle of white vinegar and a few bits of  Flash, (or your favourite soap/baking soda) mixed into a tablespoon of hot water works wonders. I actually sprayed it on the mildew in my bathtub (clearly, I don’t clean enough…) and left it for a few hours. I came back, used it again and scrubbing was far easier. As a fantastic bonus, it didn’t make me dizzy (the way bleaches sometimes do). It might even encourage your family to go outdoors whilst the smell fades away. 

  • 3. Tea tree oil is a fantastic disinfectant spray. Again, not my favourite smell but it does work (also loved it when I got pimples as a teenager too). Make sure you buy it in a glass bottle and use about 20 drops with 2 cups of water, and a bit of grated  Flash for good measure.

  • 4. This wouldn’t be a ‘natural cleaning’ Blog without mention to The Queen of all multifunctional bases: Baking soda. Google it to find more but one of the best ones is as a way to deodorise a stinky fridge. You simply pop it in an open cardboard box inside your fridge or freezer and it will eliminate nasty smells (also works well to clean smelly objects when mixed with some water).

  • 5. Another favourite acid of mine is lemon juice and this one is super easy. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon, mix it with a bowl of water and turn it on for about 5 minutes. Keep an eye on it and make sure you use a microwave-safe container. It should help with the yucky smells of a well-loved appliance.

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