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Our bars are made from natural ingredients and can sometimes be a little sensitive to the heat – especially some of our more “oily” bars like SuperStar, Saving Face, The Perfector, Butter Blocks, Bombshell, Love Baby Bar and the Foot Balm. Now that Summer is in full swing, we thought we would put together some handy tips on how to store your bars in this warmer weather!

Store your bars in cool places – the fridge is a great option! If your fridge is full, store them in a cool spot like the bottom drawer of your bathroom or a corner of your bedroom. If it’s out of direct sunlight and in a cool place, they should be fine.

We also recommend storing bars in a container, tin or box so they aren’t exposed to air. An old jam jar is a great alternative – that way if your bar does melt slightly, you’ll still be able to use it. Almost like a jar of cream!


The bar you should look out for the most is SuperStar, as it has the lowest melting point. Best to keep this one away from the window sill!

Glow Bars can get a bit sweaty in this heat, especially if they are in humid places. The bar itself is designed to absorb moisture so it’s best to keep it in the box it came in or an air tight container.

Now, time to store those bars in a cool place and go enjoy the Summer weather Ethique lovers!