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5 Eco-tips that will forever change your lifestyle


There are so many fun and surprising ways to save the planet beyond switching off the lights or turning off the tap (I mean, we are already all doing that right?!).

In our pursuit to find useful ways to save the planet, we came across these 5 less known eco-tips that we just had to share with you. Whether you’re already on a plastic-free journey or just willing to take that first step, read on.

1. Believe it or not, peeing in the shower is a wonderful way to save water

Change can start right in your shower. 61% of Americans admit to weeing in the shower and the truth is, Mother Nature is probably thanking them for it. If you are not part of that 61%, then your first reaction is probably one of revulsion, but hear us out.The facts are. (according to the Environmental Protection Agency,) flushing accounts for 27% of Americans’ water usage. Over a year, the water used to flush adds up to over 17,000 litres per person! Hopping in the shower for one of your daily wees can save 2,555 litres per year, depending on the age of your toilet. Not convinced yet? As a bonus, it also turns out to be more hygienic and saves one roll of toilet paper every 50 days.

Do it like a pro. If you’re thinking of trying it out (and don’t worry, this stays between us), multi task by washing your hair or body at the same time so you don’t simply add to the length of your shower.

2. Try some fun crafting ideas with the kids

Teaching the younger generation to care about Mother Earth is the most valuable thing we can do. There’s a heap of exciting projects to help kids learn about protecting the environment while having fun, like these DIY grass heads or DIY cardboard birdfeeders. For a bit of fun and science, jump on the slime craze with this DIY Earth Day slime! This very hands-on activity is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours…

Do it like a pro. Inspire their creativity by reusing anything that you may already have at home whether it’s milk or egg cartons and even paper rolls.

3. Switch to plastic-free chewing gum for good

Did you know that chewing gum is made from plastic? Chewing gum has been a growing problem for the environment because gum isn’t biodegradable and is notoriously difficult to clean up. Think about these millions of pieces of chewing gum in public areas which do not decompose, are unhygienic and are a potential risk to pets and wild animals. A few companies like Chicza have begun making gum from a natural base copying the ancient practice of using chicle, or tree sap, to get the desirable chewiness. Chicle is biodegradable, plastic-free, and chemical-free – a much healthier alternative for both humans and Earth!

4. Visit a second-hand store for your next shopping spree

We all guilty of having some brand-new clothes in our wardrobe that we’ve never worn and will probably never wear, let’s be honest. We buy more clothes than ever before but also chuck them out very easily too. Unfortunately, the planet is paying the price for this vicious and wasteful cycle.

The good thing is there are plenty of ways to look good while reducing our impact on the environment. The first and obvious thing we can do is wearing our clothes for longer. Wearing 50% of your clothes for longer should save you over $1,500 – that’s an entire holiday! It’s also an opportunity to make new outfit combinations with the clothes that you already own and love.

Next thing is going through your wardrobe and start donating your clothes that are worn out, too small or just not fashionable anymore. This way you’ll be freeing space in your home, reducing waste and putting your clothes to good use.

Do it like a pro. Resist the temptation of buying new clothes but choose pre-owned instead, you’ll be surprised by what you can find!

5. Time to say goodbye to Yellow Pages

When was the last time you used Yellow Pages? Yep, same here. Unfortunately, thousands of these books are still printed every year and are barely used. The good news is that residential properties have been able to cancel their subscription since 2015. According to Yellow, 14,000 households have already chosen to opt out of receiving this year's directory. Do the planet a favour and opt out of the 2019 Yellow Pages here.

Do it like a pro. Yellow is still available online. For all your searches online, switch to the eco-friendly search engine Ecosia – this way you can help plant trees when browsing the web!